CPT Code For Soft Tissue Neck X Ray

If you’re confused by the CPT code for soft tissue neck x ray, you’re not alone. Countless physicians and other healthcare professionals have wondered the same thing. Luckily, there is help at hand. You can learn about 71045, 71046, and 71047 below.


In the radiology field, chest x rays have long been coded, and they are common for many types of procedures. As such, the CPT codes for chest x rays have changed over time. In 2018, the old code for chest x ray will be eliminated, and it will be replaced with new codes. The single view code for a chest x ray is 71010 cr chest ap, while the double view code is now 71045 cr chest ap.

The number of views that make up a chest x ray will determine which CPT code is best for the procedure. For example, a chest x ray provides images of the heart and major blood vessels, as well as bones. The most common views are frontal and posteroanterior. A lateral view involves the patient lying with one side of the chest facing the machine.


There are two types of x-rays: chest and abdominal. Chest x-rays provide images of the heart, bones, and major blood vessels. The two most common chest x-ray views are frontal and posteroanterior. A lateral view is obtained by tilting the head to one side while facing the x-ray machine.

The coding process for these procedures involves a professional and technical component. It’s important to understand how a specific service is performed and code accordingly. The information provided by radiology codes is useful to employees, students, and physicians alike. While these two components work independently to determine the value of a particular radiology service, they’re also linked to an educational component.

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